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Opening hours

The gallery is openTuesday-Sunday 11 am-4 pm. Admission free. The gallery is wheelchair acceible.

Open & closed holidays 2017

1 January, New Year's Day CLOSED

6 January, Epiphany Day CLOSED

14 April, Good Friday CLOSED

15 April, Easter Eve OPEN

16 April, Easter Sunday OPEN

17 April, Easter Monday CLOSED

1 May, May Day OPEN

25 May, Ascension Day CLOSED

4 June, Whitsunday OPEN

6 June, The National Day OPEN

23 June, Midsummer's Eve CLOSED

24 June, Midsummer's Day CLOSED

25 June, Midsummer Sunday OPEN

4 November, All Saint's Day OPEN

24 December, Christmas Eve CLOSED

25 December, Christmas Day CLOSED

26 December. Boxing Day CLOSED

31 December, New Year's Eve CLOSED

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